When's the last time you updated your photographs for your business? Potential clients want to see YOU, the services you provide, and what you offer on your website and social media pages. If you are leveraging your business with social media, then let's dig into why it's important to invest in your business with brand photography.



It's the perfect time to have professional photography that reflects your new look and helps you regain confidence. When your clients visit your website or social media, they'll be able to trust you because everything starts off polished (i.e not cheap stock photos, no shade)- this helps them see the new 'you' through updated brand photography. So it's important to change things up because YOU are a professional, an expert, and reliable.

Growing your brand

Brand photography will help you reflect how much you've grown which shows disciple and consistency. My favorite Denzel Washington quote, " Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without disciple and consistency."

You're offering more services and products so your imagery on all social media platforms/website should reflect that too. Here's a list of a few examples of when you can use your brand photography:

  • Public speaking engagement
  • Resume
  • Starting a new podcast
  • Adding a new product line to your online shop

Celebrating a business anniversary or milestone


In 2020, I celebrated a small win to finally take my photography business serious and have my own brand photography session- that was a BIG win for me,

Give yourself more credit and express how hard you worked with fresh portraits of you, your workspace, or how you make stuff. This just documents a life change and becomes meaningful down the line.