Me: not getting things done because I’m too overwhelmed. 

Also me: being overwhelmed because I haven’t gotten anything done. 


We have all been here. When I’m stressed with a heavy workload I know I'm probably making my tasks harder than they really have to be. I am used to feeling like everything is urgent and important when it’s really not. So I’m sharing ways I deal with tackling my unrealistically long list of things to do.

One thing at a time


First, just start. Don’t wait to be in the mood for it. Don’t wait until you do so and so to feel ready for something else. Keep active plans to get to your goals. When I set realistic goals, I avoid trying to do everything at once. I didn’t start doing this until recently. I think about only ONE important thing to complete that will allow me to have a little less on my plate. (Today that’s finishing this blog, ha!) Pro Tip: Limit distractions. Put your phone away. Turn off notifications. Close all your tabs you're not using.

Be good to yourself 

As soon as I sit in my office I light my candles. I’ve always enjoyed candles but at this point in my life, I love them even more because they create a soothing vibe around me. The smell of a scented candle AND looking at a candle flame definitely soothes my soul. Candles are one of the easiest ways to build a sense of calm. One of my favorite candle is Capri Blue’s Lola Blossom but I literally get most of my candles at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

Deal with deadlines 


If you’re working towards a deadline that you know you can’t possibly achieve, you have to either ask to have it extended... or make the deadline more achievable. Both involve you thinking carefully ahead of time about a deadline before you agree to it. For me, I won’t accept a deadline I know I can’t stick to. If I can’t do it by a certain time, I won't pretend to say I can just to impress someone.

To get control of your workload, is to get used to saying NO or at least sharing a realistic expectation of yourself. If I don’t do that, the quality of my work suffers and then I’ll become so exhausted my health starts to be affected. Pro tip: Just say "No" or give a timeline that is flexible for your schedule, not anyone else's.

Other ways I manage stress:

  • Meditating. This is one of the main factors of manifesting (and why it works for me). Take 10 minutes out of your day to relax and breathe. Say your affirmations in your mind while doing it for a more positive effect. I love this one: "Each day is another chance at a fresh start".

  • Stop putting too much pressure on yourself. Take your breaks! It’s okay to just exist.

  • Stretch. Start by reaching for the ceiling as hard as possible, then try to touch your toes. Roll your head. Stretch everything!